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Idl Error Out Of Range Subscript Encountered


The suggested format of the calling sequence is: Result = ALL_CAPS(First_Caps [, KEYWORD=all_caps] [, /SET]) Turns out .compile, .run, .rnew all check the current directory for the module you're trying to If you have more than one module in a file, you should keep the module with the name of the file at the very end of the file. They also can occur when a file is deleted while a SPICE application is attempting a read. If Variable[Range] and Array are the same size, elements of Array specified by Range are inserted in Variable. http://upintheaether.com/out-of/idl-error-attempt-to-subscript-out-of-range.php

Using FLEXlm and a routine that will allocate new memory rapidly, IDL will fall asleep if running on Solaris. Logical unit conflicts can cause nonsense data to be returned when reading SPICE kernels. Top Error Handling Top Problem: SPICE errors abort my application program The default error handling response is to abort the application. Now you're attempting to put 101 values into a row that only has 100 elements.

Illegal Subscript Range Idl

Set it to 0 for absolutely no warning. HOURS WASTED... When converting ET to discrete ticks, SPICE rounds. If the IDL newsgroup is still around then here is my post.] If the module is a function, you need to set the keyword /Is_Function.

An example for clarity: IDL> THISROUTINE, DATA, FILENAME='foo.ps' The keywords XOFFSET and YOFFSET are sent to DEVICE with the value 5. Implementations of body-fixed frames may differ as well. So there.) Now, as with BATCH files, you want to save your main program to a filename ending with .pro but this is going to cause all sorts of confusion when Mind you that by IDL I mean the Interactive Data Language, and not the Interface Description Language, which many more people know.

Top Problem: SPICE quaternions appear invalid See ``Quaternions'' below. Attempt To Subscript Is Out Of Range Idl In either of these cases, it will check for a "fit," and then thread along the specified dimension(s) in the LHS index until it runs out of room: IDL> test = Social Products and Solutions Harris Geospatial Solutions Products Custom Services Geospatial Marketplace Industries Defense & Intelligence Environmental Monitoring Academic Learn Videos Blogs Events & Webinars Training Case Studies Whitepapers Resources https://groups.google.com/d/topic/comp.lang.idl-pvwave/tTDRNaAeHyg The underlying sort routines IDL uses (which are built into operating system libraries) are not always built to distingish between identical values in the list.

for instance, say you want to see the guts of profiles.pro without hunting it down in some directory: IDL> .run -t profiles Julia Kregenow was the only person on the planet This is some pertinent useless information when dealing with plots on X windows. Here's the way to determine which mouse button was clicked when you use the cursor command: examine the !Mouse.Button field. This happens whenever I try to "Export GCPs to build RCPs widgets" in the "exterior orientation GCPs" window Could anybody tell me what I am doing wrong?

Attempt To Subscript Is Out Of Range Idl

On some systems, in particular Sun Sparc machines running Sun FORTRAN, using optimization has resulted in some code generation errors. http://northstar-www.dartmouth.edu/doc/idl/html_6.2/Assignment_Operations_and_Arrays.html This variable name is just a pointer to a memory location. Illegal Subscript Range Idl Lame. It took me about 6 years to discover how to move up a level in scope when your subroutine has been stopped (by error or by choice).

If you're using a text PCK, this problem occurs because data is simply absent for the body in question. Rather, this is taken as a (I'm not kidding) "suggestion" to the CONTOUR command, and the CONTOUR command can apparently do what it likes with the suggestion. If you want to select a TrueType font, you have to send the /TT_FONT keyword to DEVICE. See Array Subscript Ranges for complete details.

PRINT, 'Memory required: ', MEMORY(/HIGHWATER) - start_mem IDL> a = lonarr(2048,2048) & tmp=memory() & a = transpose(a) IDL> print,memory(/high) 33991830 IDL> a = lonarr(2048,2048) & tmp=memory() & a = transpose(temporary(a)) IDL> But the interpolation method scales everything between 0 and 255 but then bins the result into bins of width 1.0: IDL> nc = 15 IDL> a = 255*findgen(nc)/(nc-1) IDL> print, byte(a) The symptoms can be obscure. Top Problem: Logical unit conflict Logical unit conflicts are peculiar to FORTRAN applications.

D. So, beware, when passing vectors of indices to an IDL array there is no out of range checking: you are on your own :). These take a little more computation since an outline of each letter is drawn and then filled in with polygons!

What magnitude of inaccuracy is introduced by this choice?

For a second I thought that checking to see if a keyword is set by using: if (N_elements(x) gt 0) might be slower than if (keyword_set(X) OR arg_present(X)) but a few The secret is the .OUT executive command. See Clipping for details. Top Problem: segmentation fault/memory access violation Often caused by mismatched argument lists.

This is why I automatically add the current directory when searching the IDL path in my procedure WHICH.PRO. The available coverage may be ascertained by summarizing the PCK file with SPACIT. You HAVE TO use an asterisk if filling dimensions two or greater. (Of course, you could transpose the matrix, but you might be sacrificing clarity for speed, which shouldn't be done which probably makes sense since the number of elements is probably stored as some fundamental descriptor for each array, in which case the latter method would have to do more operations

Only PostScript fonts! The implementation of the error check may cause the error signal on Windows when As of Toolkit version N59, CSPICE/Icy text kernel loaders perform the conversion between text line terminators on If you're using a C-kernel of type 2, 3, or 4, and you know the data does not suffer from gaps, you may use a tolerance of zero. The differences in state vectors returned by the two systems tend to reflect round-off level differences in the handling of time.

Open icy.dlm, locate the consecutive description entries: PROCEDURE CSPICE_RECSPH 0 15 PROCEDURE CSPICE_REMOVD 0 15 Add a new entry for CSPICE_REMOVC. Top Problem: SPICE code is not thread safe. Fine. Go read about it on Fanning's site.

While in Green Bank, Carl discovered that this won't work if the file name containing the routine has capital letters and the routine has not been compiled. CKBRIEF is a more flexible and robust summary program than SPACIT; you normally will find CKBRIEF more convenient to use. IDL> psopen, 'foo.ps', /HELVETICA, /BOLD, /OBLIQU, /ISOLATIN1 IDL> DEVICE, /BKMAN, /DEMI, /ITALIC, /ISOLATIN1, FONT_INDEX=10 IDL> plot, findgen(3), FONT=0, $ IDL> xtit='Galactic Radius !10'+string(174B)+'!X [kpc]', $ IDL> ytit='Density !10'+string(181B)+'!X [cm!E-3!N]' IDL> psclose