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Ibm Thinkpad 380z Error Messages


You can also see pictures and check details of the X Series at IBM's website. You must now wait about a minute for your system to process the info 4: Now press escape (Esc) again. 5: A large red sign, with a book next to it PLEASE TELL ME HOW I CAN RECOVER IT? Reseat the keyboard cable on the DC/DC card. 2. click site

Just as I was about to sell it for a mere $50 (since it was useless) I found a way past this error. The systemboard errors are due to a bad battery pack. ThinkPad 380Z 9 Verified Symptoms Go To Other symptoms (such as LCD monitor problems). "Symptom-to-FRU Index" on page 23, and then go to "Other Symptoms" on page 32. If the problem still persists, do the following one at a time: Warning: Do not replace a nondefective FRU.

Ibm Thinkpad Error Codes

cj2600 May 8, 2007 | Bernard H. Everybody expects buying IBM will get you support above beyond the rest. If the problem persists, go to "Undetermined Problems" on page 32. 2. System board 11XX 1 .

I received an IBM laptop with same issue a few months back. The hard disk drive motor stops. My company is getting ready to purchase 600+ of the IBM T series machines. Thinkpad 380ed Cmos Battery It also do not have Window XP, operating system software.

rexford October 28, 2007 | Hey guys I have a problem with my laptop IBM T41. System board 1 . Find out if the voltage is correct. I have also pointed out a couple of inconsistencies in their web based driver documentation for the 760ED and I just get platitudes.

as you see it is made GPU and VGA RAM on the same little board , and it is so difficult to resolder that, couse you can't be shure if the Ibm Thinkpad 380ed Good luck to all of you and thanks for the suggestions.

Yours,Svilen - by Svilen Marinov error 161,163 & 193 (12:58pm EST Sat Sep 10 2005)please send me the solution for Go to "Suspend suspend or resume when Mode" on page 20, the LCD is closed or and check that the opened. the technician recommended a new fan because to him that the old one could not hold the processor tightly.

Ibm Thinkpad 600e Cmos Battery Replacement

How to Diagnose Multiple FRUs: When the adapter or the device has more than one FRU, the error code could be caused by any of them. Im at final year at University for master's degree in Architecture - and have used lots of laptops. Ibm Thinkpad Error Codes I actually have 3 issues:

1) It does recognize the internal modem2) It has a small display area3) It only has 16 colors and I need 256 Any advice would be Thinkpad 600e Error 161 163 Drives in the computer that you are servicing might have been rearranged or the drive start-up sequence might have been altered.

or it's affiliates. http://upintheaether.com/ibm-thinkpad/ibm-thinkpad-600-error-192.php Make sure that the external monitor is properly connected to the computer. I have always been happy the performance of these machines. Shab October 27, 2007 | IMB T-30 system board removal instructions: I would like to know if someone know how to remove mother board of T-30 notebook. Ibm Thinkpad Error 161 163

I continue using the machine normally.What is this? - by Walter F. I will not make that mistake again. He told me any other repair place would immediately without second guessing that my motherboard is bad. navigate to this website Can anyone please help me in this regard or direct me as to where i can find out what the code means or what the problem is?

A rectangular box appears. 5. Cr1220 Thank you cj2600 September 29, 2008 | Steven Faulkner, You'll have to test the power adapter with a voltmeter. Lots of content but no quality !

Brian April 17, 2009 | I have a ibm thinkpad T41 2373-7fu my built on speakers do not work I can plug exterior speakers in and they work.

DIMM 3. marland countryman July 21, 2007 | would you please tell me what to do about security port and battery isnt working its a ibm thinkpad 1171 marland countryman July 24, 2007 System board. 1. After you do, you'll get some error mesages about setting the time and stuff… ignore that stuff, and reboot it 3 times, and it will be fine. - by motti solomon

This is my first laptop. - by Mike H. Failing bits: nnnn. Cannot boot into operating system or into BIOS. my review here If you are lucky, the juice damaged only the keyboard.

I have the same errors going on… 00192 / 00163 / 00173 - Now, i changed the CMOS batt with an identical one laying around (used) and now the 00192 is Check that the operating system has no failure and is installed correctly. 2. that balls change his volume .. I will take out the battery later when i get home and try to see if i can logon. - by Sam IBM 600E Think Pad (6:06pm EST Mon Oct 04

Tom August 29, 2008 | I have an IBM ThinkPad R60. If the drive read/write test detects an error and either FRU code 50 for FDD-1 appears, replace the drive. e. disassemble and clean the laptop 5.

[email protected] - by helen barron supervisor password solution i think! (4:50pm EST Sat Aug 13 2005)Supervisor password (8:20am EST Sat Jul 23 2005)When change BIOS battery, does it need the supervisor IBM ThinkPad T21 Notebook Just bought IBM thinkpad 380z laptop for $30 they said that they lost the password for it. This thinkpad has a swap floppy drive, meaning you can only have either the floppy drive inserted or the CD drive inserted. The computer exits hibernation mode and resumes operation when the Power switch is pressed.

Appreciate any feedback or ideas on how to fix it, if possible. Press Ctrl+E. 3. or at least make it work so i can take the important stuff of it? does anyone know what might be wrong?

I just replaced the HD and my Thinkpad booted normally, without any error. I've seen very few failed CPUs in four years. If no codes are available, use narrative symptoms. All other pieces are functional (tested on another laptop).

Then it's either bad memory stick or system board problem. Devices attached to the port replicator c.