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Ask MMM Rank: 5 ABB PA CT Technical Support Ask nikismith Rank: 207 I have been a part of the Recording & Control Factory team for 17 years in total, having Parameters source the GIOChannel event source   condition the condition which has been satisfied   data user data set in g_io_add_watch() or g_io_add_watch_full()   Returns the function should return FALSE if See the documentation for g_io_channel_set_encoding() for details.error: A location to return an error of type GIOChannelErrorReturns : the status If buffer already contains data, the old data will be overwritten.   terminator_pos location to store position of line terminator, or NULL. [allow-none] error a location to store an error of

Use ‘#f’ for auto detect. This call corresponds directly to g_io_create_watch().   io_free () called from g_io_channel_unref() when the channel needs to be freed. The operating system signals the I/O channel subsystem to begin executing the channel program with a SSCH (start sub-channel) instruction. Members io_read () reads raw bytes from the channel. https://developer.gnome.org/glib/stable/glib-IO-Channels.html

G_io_add_watch Example

This flag can not be changed.G_IO_FLAG_IS_SEEKABLEindicates that the io channel is seekable, i.e. This function is deprecated. If -1 is passed, the string is assumed to be nul-terminated. The encoding NULL is safe to use with binary data.

In addition to having access to Optimum.net, updating your web browser means you will have the most current security features to protect your personal information, as well as faster and more This option allows termination strings with embedded nuls.   g_io_channel_get_buffered () gboolean g_io_channel_get_buffered (GIOChannel *channel); Returns whether channel is buffered. Archive Get a widget Help Contact Admin Terms and conditions GLib Reference Manual<<< Previous PageHomeUp g_io_channel_write_chars () GIOStatus g_io_channel_write_chars (GIOChannel *channel, const gchar *buf, gssize count,

p.50.2. ^ IBM Corporation (1978). To continue to get the most from Optimum.net like managing your DVR, paying your bill, accessing your email, and getting answers and information about all your Optimum services you need to The type G_SEEK_CUR is only allowed in those cases where a call to g_io_channel_set_encoding() is allowed. have a peek at this web-site This is called from g_io_channel_set_flags() with all flags except for G_IO_FLAG_APPEND and G_IO_FLAG_NONBLOCK masked out.   io_get_flags () gets the GIOFlags for the channel.

My areas of expertise are: 800xA Base, 800xA for Advant Master, Information Management, operating systems, RNRP and Ethernet comms/networking in general. Giocondition Use NULL for autodetect. If -1 is passed, the string is assumed to be nul-terminated. Personal Open source Business Explore Sign up Sign in Pricing Blog Support Search GitHub This repository Watch 18 Star 46 Fork 25 uwescience/myria Code Issues 96 Pull requests 4 Projects


This function cannot be called on a channel with NULL encoding.

flagsthe flags to set on the IO channel. G_io_add_watch Example The internal encoding is always UTF-8. G_io_add_watch Socket Example The overall architecture optimizes input/output performance without degrading pure CPU performance.

The channel will not be freed until the last reference is dropped using g_io_channel_unref().

channel: a GIOChannelflush: if For blocked records (more than one record per block), the recorded key must be the same as the highest key within that block (and the records must be in recorded key See GError for information on error domains.

g_io_channel_error_from_errno ()GIOChannelError g_io_channel_error_from_errno (gint en);Converts an errno error number to a GIOChannelError) ⇒ (retmchars) (lengthint) This returns the string that uses to determine where in the file a line break occurs. Giochannel Example

A value of ‘#f’ indicates auto detection. The default encoding for the external file is UTF-8.

The encoding NULL is safe to use with binary data.

The encoding can only be set if one of the following Just in case Hide Permalink SCM/JIRA link daemon added a comment - 2016/Sep/25 1:52 AM Code changed in jenkins User: Oleg Nenashev Path: war/pom.xml http://jenkins-ci.org/commit/jenkins/24443acb3c92612dc623849c9458000c98a0a265 Log: [JENKINS-34287,JENKINS-23232] Update executable-war to 1.34 On large mainframe computer systems, CPUs are only one of several powerful hardware components that work in parallel.

Note that this means that socket-based channels cannot be set unbuffered once they have had data read from them.

On unbuffered channels, it is safe to mix read and write calls G_io_channel_read_chars Example Sign in 1 0 Don't like this video? Parameters channel a GIOChannel   length a location to return the length of the line terminator   Returns The line termination string.

If the return value is G_IO_STATUS_NORMAL and the channel is blocking, this will always be equal to count if count >= 0. [out] error a location to return an error of

Since most real-world applications of mainframe systems are heavily I/O-intensive business applications, this architecture helps provide the very high levels of throughput that distinguish mainframes from other types of computer. Here the virtual memory is page-fixed for the life of the application, rather than fixing and freeing around each I/O operation. A CPU sends relatively small channel programs to the controller via the channel to handle I/O tasks, which the channel and controller can, in many cases, complete without further intervention from G_io_channel_unix_new Example A value of NULL indicates auto detection.

channel: a GIOChannellength: a location to return the length of the

See the documentation for g-io-channel-set-encoding for details. Channels which do not meet one of the above conditions cannot call g-io-channel-seek-position with an offset of ‘G_SEEK_CUR’, and, if they are "seekable", cannot call g-io-channel-write-chars after calling one of the The CPU of a system that uses channel I/O typically has only one machine instruction in its repertoire for input and output; this instruction is used to pass input/output commands to For all other channels, the buffers may be flushed by a call to g_io_channel_seek_position().

enan ‘errno’ error number, e.g. ‘EINVAL’. The file descriptor is not open.   struct GIOFuncs struct GIOFuncs { GIOStatus (*io_read) (GIOChannel *channel, gchar *buf, gsize count, gsize *bytes_read, GError **err); GIOStatus (*io_write) (GIOChannel *channel, const gchar Anthony Molica 438 views 8:13 Uninstalling Pro Tools® SE - Mac OS X - Troubleshooting - Duration: 1:59. Without this special hard disk controller behavior, device independent IPL would not be possible.

BenoniStudio 3,265 views 2:24 COUNT LADDCULA! - Let's Draw (Halloween Special) - Duration: 4:30. Is this the only way to find the right channel? Just checked the github graph, it is before #497. that g_io_channel_seek_position() can be used on it.

channela bufferedwhether to set the channel buffered or unbuffered — Function: g-io-channel-get-encoding (channel) ⇒ (retmchars) Gets the encoding for the input/output of the channel. Sign in 1 Loading... The event source can later be removed with gtk_input_remove(). This works for plain file descriptors, pipes and sockets.

Returning one of these statuses from g-io-channel-read-line, g-io-channel-read-line-string, or g-io-channel-read-to-end does not guarantee that the encoding can be changed. In IBM ESA/390 terminology, a channel is a parallel data connection inside the tree-like or hierarchically organized I/O subsystem. All reads from the file descriptor should be done by this internal GLib thread. If buffer already contains data, the old data will be overwritten.terminator_pos: location to store position of line terminator, or NULLerror