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LibreOffice Writer default template Why does argv include the program name? So, for example, submitting a form to a permanently redirected resource may continue smoothly. 4xx Client Error The 4xx class of status code is intended for cases in which the client Tips if you want to buy a valuable Internet domain name. If known, the length of the delay MAY be indicated in a Retry-After header. http://upintheaether.com/http-status/http-status-200-error.php

The body-section contains the parameters to be used for the method. A client SHOULD detect infinite redirection loops, since such loops generate network traffic for each redirection. Success 2xx These codes indicate success. Home Features Pricing Tools Help << HTTP Error 303 HTTP Error 305 >> HTTP Error 304 - Not Modified 304 Status Code Explained The 304 status code is sent in response

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This response is only cacheable if indicated by a Cache-Control or Expires header field. If unable to do so, it is not using the If_Modified_Since or related headers correctly. This lookup (conversion of IP name to IP address) is provided by domain name servers (DNSs).

The server returns no information to the client and closes the connection (useful as a deterrent for malware). 449 Retry With (Microsoft) Wikipedia A Microsoft extension. ietf.org. If you set If-Modified-Since, the server may return 304 Not modified (and the response will not have the content). Http Status Codes Cheat Sheet For the moment it is for discussion only.

New changes in the URI might be made in the future. Http Code 302 Wikipedia The client has asked for a portion of the file, but the server cannot supply that portion. This code is only allowed in situations where it is expected that the user might be able to resolve the conflict and resubmit the request. There is no facility for re-sending a status code from an asynchronous operation such as this.

censorship or government-mandated blocked access. Http 422 In a POST request, the response will contain an entity describing or containing the result of the action.[7] 201 Created The request has been fulfilled, resulting in the creation of a Avoiding the limit notation during long algebraic manipulations Is the measure of the sum equal to the sum of the measures? The client MAY repeat the request if it adds a valid Content-Length header field containing the length of the message-body in the request message. 10.4.13 412 Precondition Failed The precondition given

Http Code 302

Retrieved 16 October 2015. ^ "Twitter Error Codes & Responses". http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2603595/why-am-i-getting-304-not-modified-error-on-some-links-when-using-httpwebrequ Here's the code. Http Response Example Server error responses 500 Internal Server Error The server has encountered a situation it doesn't know how to handle. 501 Not Implemented The request method is not supported by the server Http 404 Status when wrapped responses (e.g.

January 2002. click site more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Science Retrieved September 24, 2015. ^ "How 21 Micropayments Work". 21.co. List of HTTP status codes From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search HTTP Persistence Compression HTTPS Request methods OPTIONS GET HEAD POST PUT DELETE TRACE CONNECT PATCH Header fields Http 403

Wikipedia A generic error message, given when no more specific message is suitable. If the client is a user agent, it SHOULD NOT change its document view from that which caused the request to be sent. User agents should display any included entity to the user. 400 Bad Request The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax. http://upintheaether.com/http-status/http-status-500-error-in-jsp.php A cache MUST NOT combine a 206 response with other previously cached content if the ETag or Last-Modified headers do not match exactly, see 13.5.4.

The client SHOULD NOT repeat the request without modifications. 10.4.2 401 Unauthorized The request requires user authentication. Http 500 Also note that some servers merely shut down the connection without sending this message. 409 Conflict This response would be sent when a request conflict with current state of server. 410 Wikipedia The server does not support the HTTP protocol version used in the request. 506 Variant Also Negotiates (Experimental) The 506 status code indicates that the server has an internal configuration

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No indication is given of whether the condition is temporary or permanent. This error is given when Windows Parental Controls are turned on and are blocking access to the given webpage.[67] 498 Invalid Token (Esri) Returned by ArcGIS for Server. To have a server check if the request could be accepted based on the request's headers alone, a client must send Expect: 100-continue as a header in its initial request and Http Error Wordpress The set presented MAY be a subset or superset of the original version.

Retrieved 16 October 2015. ^ Meredith, Kevin. "HTTP Response for Unsuccessful Handling of Request". nginx 1.9.5 source code. Wikipedia The server is delivering only part of the resource due to a range header sent by the client. More about the author If the response could be unacceptable, a user agent SHOULD temporarily stop receipt of more data and query the user for a decision on further actions.

Retrieved February 8, 2015. ^ "Google API Standard Error Responses". This response is not what we expect, so we actively report it as an error even though it does not necessarily mean that the Web site is down. This response is cacheable unless indicated otherwise. 10.3.2 301 Moved Permanently The requested resource has been assigned a new permanent URI and any future references to this resource SHOULD use one If known, the length of the delay MAY be indicated in a Retry-After header.