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If you want ASP.NET to handle requests for all file types, you can configure IIS to map file-name extensions to ASP.NET. C#C++VB Copy HttpWebRequest httpReq = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create("http://www.contoso.com"); httpReq.AllowAutoRedirect = false; HttpWebResponse httpRes = (HttpWebResponse)httpReq.GetResponse(); if (httpRes.StatusCode==HttpStatusCode.Moved) { // Code for moved resources goes here. } // Close the response. So if you thought that you'd never have to deal with *.aspx pages again, I'm sorry to dissapoint you. In this case the error was raised by ASP.NET MVC because it could not find a matching controller and/or action that matched the specified URL. http://upintheaether.com/http-error/http-error-codes-401-2.php

Dynamically Populating a Control Using JavaScript Code (VB)6. Command Line Deployment11. What could make an area of land be accessible only at certain times of the year? Ok(), NotFound(), etc.) when possible.

For the purposes of this blog post, my custom 404 page is very simple, but you can see some really nice examples here. 404 Dynamically Controlling UpdatePanel Animations (C#)14. Project Properties5. Creating Stored Procedures and User-Defined Functions with Managed Code (VB)Older Versions - SecurityASP.NET 4 Windows Authentication ProviderASP.NET 4 - Forms Authentication OverviewASP.NET 4 - AuthorizationASP.NET 4 - Implementing a Role ProviderSecurity </p><p>There's also the stack trace. Return Void - 204 No Content Nathan, not that display case. Including a File Upload Option When Adding a New Record (VB)8. Examining the Three Types of Error Pages When an unhandled exception arises in an ASP.NET application one of three types of error pages is displayed: The Exception Details Yellow Screen of </p><p>This file provides several buttons, each of which raises a different exception. The Proxy-authenticate header contains the details of how to perform the authentication.RedirectEquivalent to HTTP status 302. Handling Postbacks from a ModalPopup (VB)8. <a href="http://www.digitallycreated.net/Blog/57/getting-the-correct-http-status-codes-out-of-asp.net-custom-error-pages"></a> Tells the client that they may need to redirect to another location. 4XX Codes: Client Error codes. </p><p>Note: The custom error page is only displayed when a request is made to a resource handled by the ASP.NET engine. Dynamically Populating a Control (C#)2. Keep these in mind as you design your app's exception handling behavior. Create the Data Access Layer4. </p><p>Creating the Membership Schema in SQL Server (C#)2. <a href="http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10732644/best-practice-to-return-errors-in-asp-net-web-api"></a> Just drop me a message on Twitter. © 2016 Ben Foster. If you choose File, the file path is returned. public IHttpActionResult Save(MyEntity entity) { .... </p><p>This request didn't have any cookies, but if it did, they would appear on the Cookies tab. <a href="http://upintheaether.com/http-error/http-error-codes-207.php">http://upintheaether.com/http-error/http-error-codes-207.php</a> The page includes several tabs with information about the exception that was triggered and the request that was made. You would return a new instance of the above class in your Controller. For example, you might want to customize each of the error message pages for your Web site to have the same look and feel as the rest of your site. </p><p>Alternately, the middleware can re-execute the request from a new path format string: app.UseStatusCodePagesWithReExecute("/errors/{0}"); The <span class="pre">UseStatusCodePagesWithReExecute</span> method will still return the original status code to the browser, but will also Setting Up the Contact Manager Solution4. Tip Exception filters are good for trapping exceptions that occur within MVC actions, but they're not as flexible as error handling middleware. <a href="http://upintheaether.com/http-error/http-error-codes-500.php">http://upintheaether.com/http-error/http-error-codes-500.php</a> Nested Data Web Controls (C#)5. </p><p>The resource cannot be found. YES THAT ONE. Master/Detail Filtering With Two DropDownLists (VB)7. <h2 id="9">Because the request is for a non-existent page (NoSuchPage.aspx), an HttpException is thrown and the custom error page is displayed (note the reference to NoSuchPage.aspx in the aspxerrorpath querystring parameter). </h2></p><p>Note If you select Execute a URL on this site, the path must be a relative path. Animating an UpdatePanel Control (C#)13. The Application_Error handler redirects HttpException errors to this page. Positioning a ModalPopup (VB)MutuallyExclusiveCheckbox1. </p><p>C#VB Copy <%@ Page Language="C#" %> <script runat="server"> protected void Submit_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { string arg = ((Button)sender).CommandArgument; switch (arg) { case "1": { // Exception handled on the Generic Gone indicates that the requested resource is no longer available.HttpVersionNotSupportedEquivalent to HTTP status 505. Browse other questions tagged c# rest asp.net-web-api or ask your own question. <a href="http://upintheaether.com/http-error/http-error-codes-5xx.php">http://upintheaether.com/http-error/http-error-codes-5xx.php</a> If you specify DetailedLocalOnly, or if you do not specify an errorMode value, IIS returns detailed error information only to the browser on the local server and a custom error message </p><p>Using Multiple Popup Controls (VB)5. ServiceUnavailable indicates that the server is temporarily unavailable, usually due to high load or maintenance.SwitchingProtocolsEquivalent to HTTP status 101. Following the above recommendations will help ensure your app remains responsive and is able to gracefully handle exceptions that may occur. When the original request method was POST, the redirected request will also use the POST method.UnauthorizedEquivalent to HTTP status 401. </p><p>Creating and Running a Deployment Command File11. The contents of the resource are not transferred.OKEquivalent to HTTP status 200. Batch Inserting (C#)5. 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