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If the 301 status code is received in response to a request other than GET or HEAD, the user agent MUST NOT automatically redirect the request unless it can be confirmed Retrieved 13 February 2016. ^ "300". External links[edit] Wikimedia Commons has media related to HTTP. The way to do this programmatically is putting this at the beginning of your application: System.setProperty("http.keepAlive", "false"); share|improve this answer answered Nov 3 '11 at 11:33 Manu 8321924 1 Actually have a peek at these guys

Unless the request method was HEAD, the entity of the response SHOULD contain a short hypertext note with a hyperlink to the new URI(s) , since many pre-HTTP/1.1 user agents do Wikipedia The server is unable to store the representation needed to complete the request. 508 Loop Detected (WebDAV) The 508 (Loop Detected) status code indicates that the server terminated an operation Retrieved May 21, 2009. ^ "Mozilla Bugzilla Bug 187996: Strange behavior on 305 redirect, comment 13". Here are brief explanations for the most common status and error codes.

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Numbers outside this list are proprietary to the Server or Client that you are using. Retrieved November 11, 2015. ^ TheDeadLike. "HTTP/1.1 Status Codes 400 and 417, cannot choose which". Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Status Code Registry Microsoft Knowledge Base: MSKB943891: The HTTP status codes in IIS 7.0 Help for HTTP errors Test any HTTP status code in a web browser gkalpak closed this Oct 27, 2015 cyrilepinat commented Oct 28, 2015 Hi @gkalpak thks for your answer, but here is my problem : at deploy time, the server doesn't respond during

Other services may wish to implement the 429 Too Many Requests response code instead. 422 Unprocessable Entity (WebDAV) The 422 (Unprocessable Entity) status code means the server understands the content type Some codes represent errors. However, this specification does not define any standard for such automatic selection. Http Response Example HTTP Extensions for Distributed Authoring – WEBDAV.

In a POST request, the response will contain an entity describing or containing the result of the action.[7] 201 Created The request has been fulfilled, resulting in the creation of a Http Code 403 There is no way the web server return me this even if there is some kind of error. https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2616#section-10.2.1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_HTTP_status_codes For example, if the client asked for a part of the file that lies beyond the end of the file.[47] Called "Requested Range Not Satisfiable" previously.[48] 417 Expectation Failed The server

The client MAY repeat the request if it adds a valid Content-Length header field containing the length of the message-body in the request message. 10.4.13 412 Precondition Failed The precondition given Http 422 Otherwise the client MAY present any entity included in the 510 response to the user, since that entity may include relevant diagnostic information. httpstatus. HTTP status codes are three-digit codes, and are grouped into five different classes.

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In this case, the response entity would likely contain a list of the differences between the two versions in a format defined by the response Content-Type. If so, the headers of the resulting instance are the result of combining the headers from the status-226 response and the other instances, following the rules in section 13.5.3 of the Http Error Wordpress Stack Overflow. Http Status Codes Cheat Sheet For example, if the user is trying to access http://example.com/emptydir/, and there is no index file in the emptydir directory on the server, a 403 status will be returned.

RFC 1945. More about the author get(BindingProvider.ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPERTY); System.out.println("Using URL: " + urlUsed); bp.getRequestContext().put(BindingProvider.USERNAME_PROPERTY, "xxxxx"); bp.getRequestContext().put(BindingProvider.PASSWORD_PROPERTY, "xxxxxxx"); java.lang.String number = "8091112222"; java.lang.String amount = "111"; BalanceReplyMsg brm = port.getBalanceByNumberOO(number); System.out.println(brm.getDueAmount()); System.out.println(brm.getDueAmountCdt()); } catch (Exception ex) { ex.printStackTrace(); } The server is indicating that it is unable or unwilling to complete the request using the same major version as the client, as described in section 3.1, other than with this Does the server configuration have the correct document root location? Http Code 302

The information returned with the response is dependent on the method used in the request, for example: GET an entity corresponding to the requested resource is sent in the response; HEAD In such case, there is no need to retransmit the resource since the client still has a previously-downloaded copy.[25] 305 Use Proxy (since HTTP/1.1) The requested resource is available only through This error code is specific to IIS 6.0. 403 Forbidden. 403.1 Execute access forbidden. http://upintheaether.com/http-error/http-error-code-503.php See section 8.2.3 for detailed discussion of the use and handling of this status code.

The client should be prepared to receive one or more 1xx responses before receiving a regular response. 100 Continue. 101 Switching protocols. 200 Series Success - This class of status codes Http 404 Note: The existence of the 503 status code does not imply that a server must use it when becoming overloaded. The request might or might not be eventually acted upon, and may be disallowed when processing occurs.[9] 203 Non-Authoritative Information (since HTTP/1.1) The server is a transforming proxy (e.g.

RFC 2295.

Retrieved 16 October 2015. ^ Kowser; Patel, Amit. "REST response code for invalid data". Already have an account? Is the origin of the term "blackleg" racist? Http 502 W3.

Google Books. See Basic access authentication and Digest access authentication.[33] 401 semantically means "unauthenticated",[34] i.e. This error implies that the service should become available at some point. news Unexpected 1xx status responses MAY be ignored by a user agent.

Retrieved 16 October 2015. ^ Brown, Kevin; CRS... "getting 304 response even with django-cors-headers". The entity format is specified by the media type given in the Content-Type header field. June 1999. Stack Overflow.

Unless the request method was HEAD, the entity of the response SHOULD contain a short hypertext note with a hyperlink to the new URI(s). Retrieved 16 October 2015. ^ Singh, Prabhat; user1740567. "Spring 3.x JSON status 406 "characteristics not acceptable according to the request "accept" headers ()"". This should be used when a resource has been intentionally removed and the resource should be purged.