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Hp Designjet 330 Error Codes

nn >J^L Take care not to cut yourself on the encoder strip inside the plotter. 5-6 Functional Overview C4699-90000 Detecting the Lines and Media Edges 330 350C Line Sensor The line There is no pinch-arm sensor on the DesignJet 230 and 250C but there is one on the DesignJet 330 and 350C. The suction tubes have a wider diameter than those of the DesignJet 650C, to help prevent clogging. • An ink separator isolates the bellows from the cartridges, preventing ink contamination of Spring hook. http://upintheaether.com/hp-designjet/hp-designjet-755-error-codes.php

Was the information on this page helpful? All other information not marked by these symbols is applicable to all plotters. Reassembling: Slide the module into the plotter until it is stopped by its location hook on the floor of the plotter. If a failure occurs, an error is indicated on the front-panel LEDs.

Loopback connector (HP Part Number 07440-60302). Sheet media must not exceed the maxima and minima shown here: E E C\i c D/A1 -size 1 ^ plotters o CO 00 210-625 mm 8.3 -24.6 in 210-917mm 8.3-36.1 in The Sales and Support Office will arrange for the repair or replacement of the plotter. Both XON/XOFF and DTR handshaking are supported.

The plotter builds graphic display objects on a swath-by-swath basis. Touch all tools to earth ground to remove static charges before using them on the plotter 6 After removing any PCA from the plotter, place it on a conductive foam pad They also have one RAM- expansion socket, which can hold an optional 4-, 8-, 16- or 32- megabyte DRAM SIMM. You do not set this parameter on the front panel. 230 250C Monochrome Plots on Paper (or vellum or translucent) Fast Normal Best Resolution (dpi) 300x300 600x600 addressable 600x600 addressable Passes

The strip does not require adjustment. Find by product name or number (e.g. The product could not be added to your profile at this time. http://h20565.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?sp4ts.oid=61822&docId=emr_na-bpp02040&docLocale=en_US Please try the following:Use a different search stringIf search was based on document ID, check document ID or switch to keyword search Change your search criteria selectionCheck your search string for

WARNING The procedures described in this manual are to be performed by HP-qualified service personnel only. Torx-10 or Flat ) CAUTION Before handling a SIMM, either put on a grounding wrist strap and attach the end to the metal chassis of the plotter, or touch the outer Plain + Error + Fast EEPROM Fehler - Netzteil, Carriage, Trailing Kabel oder Mainboard def. Plot Appearance CI5 Auto rotate o Rotate off c^ Rotate 90° Mirror off c> Mirror on o Merge off C5 Merge on 6.

Designjet Error Lights, Memory Upgrades, Plotter Manuals, Videos, Print Drivers How to read HP Designjet light system error codes How to upgrade your Designjet plotter memory Helpful Designjet YouTube Videos https://www.hpplotter.co.uk/error-codes Distance between Carriage and Media The distance between the carriage and the writing surface can determine image sharpness. Drivers? The plotters produce large-format plots of high resolution and quality for the following sectors: • Computer-aided design (CAD) • Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) • Mapping • Mechanical and architectural drawing • General

Load Media + Error + Fim + Fast Encoder Fehler - Encoder Strip, Carriage Motor oder Motor Encoder Plain + Error + Normal + Roll Firmware Fehler - Firmware oder Mainboard his comment is here W /V R N I N P Serious shock hazard leading to death or injury may result if you do not take the following precautions: Ensure that the ac power outlet Reinstalling the right end-cover: Before replacing the end-cover, make sure that a The black plastic piece at the front end of the pinch-arm linkage is correctly attached to the side-plate. C4699-90000 Removal and Replacement 6-5 Removing the Cartridge Caps and Wiper Blades WAR N I N G You are likely to get ink on your hands while performing the following procedure.

For the correct part numbers for the primers | chapter 10. The use of no negative motion is called flow mode. Bail-Lift Mechanism The bail features an automatic lift mechanism driven by the media motor using a series of gears and actuated by the cartridge carriage. this contact form Plain + Error + Film + Fast + Roll Patronen ausrichtungs Fehler - Patronen, Carriage, Trailing Kabel oder Mainboard def.

Web Design by FDC Our website uses cookies so that we can provide a better browsing experience. Removing Static Charge from the Media An anti-static brush located under the entry platen prevents static charge from building up on the media. To highlight the differences between the various plotters the following symbols will be used in the left margin: This symbol indicates the information specific only to the HP DesignJet 230 and

The plotter warms the nozzles and spits ink: - Before each plot. - After each cartridge change. - While printing, depending on: cartridge, humidity, temperature, and plot ink density. • The

Low-noise or noiseless, clean ground (earth) terminal. Frame or chassis terminal. Do you wish to proceed to the home page of the new product? The new mechanism is also more accessible. (Removal ^ page 6-29.) Moving the Carriage Carriage-Drive Mechanics Motor, Belt and Pulley • The carriage (Y-axis) drive consists of a DC motor directly

On a Designjet 330/350 this would indicate you have a Plain + Load Media + Error - which indicates a Servo error in the X-axis HP Designjet 430, 450, 455, Based upon the reported fault, a trained and qualified HP Designjetengineer will usually work through a pre-defined set of tests and apply many years of working knowledge to effect the fastest The pinch-arm sensor is electrically connected to the main PCA. http://upintheaether.com/hp-designjet/hp-designjet-100-error-codes.php Trailing Kabel, Carriage oder Mainboard def.

Verifying Plotter Operation The plotters contain several types of internal operational checks and tests to ensure that the plotter is properly functioning and to help identify problems if any are detected. It is one exchangeable part; you do not need to open it. No part of this document may be photocopied, reproduced, or translated into another language without the prior written consent of Hewlett- Packard Company. Follow these warnings and cautions for your protection and to avoid damaging the plotter.