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Hp Designjet 2500cp System Error

For HP DesignJ et 3500CP -To check which Hard Disk Drive Version the printer is using, use the front-panel menu in Utilities/ Statistics/ Disk Rev. If the error reappears, contact HP support . Recommended Action Turn the printer off, then on. Some problems which occurred in earlier firmware releases may have been solved in later revisions. this contact form

If the value of each letter is 1 then the component has failed. This component should then be replaced. Corrective Action: Try the fol lowi ng: • Make sure that the Interconnect Cables (the two black cables that connect the Refill Assembly and the Service Station Assembly to the Electronics page 8-26. • Replace the Electronics Module! try here

If not, upgrade. • Explanation - In earlier releases of firmware a media jam/head crash can be caused at the start of a plot. Check/replace the Right Door Sensor. Error data: 00010000 -^Y-axis Motor Failed. 00020000 -> X-axis Motor Failed. 00030000 -* Both DC Motors Failed. Install the Firmware SIMM and PostScript SIMM in the correct slots Remember that the Firmware SIMM (including the firmware code for the imaging and UV Durable Inks) must installed in the

top System error 020001 Explanation Elevator position not found. Reposition tab(s) as needed. Replace the Carriage Assembly. Recommended Action Close the printer's top cover if opened.

Make sure that you check the resistance between pins 1-3 and 4-6. Mgnta Cyan Black — I Ink emulation=->© I — .....■■■ J image quality— > — Enhanced Native SWOP Euro Scale* TOYO I Color c alibr ation= - ># Oft* Off Now Recommended Action Turn the printer off, then on. http://www.computercarefiles.com/TWI_Docs/bpp90053/default.html Refill 5-8 C03.

Recommended Action Turn the printer off, then on. Only replace one component at a time and check if the error has gone before replacing another component. F -» Bail Stepper Motor Failed. Perform the Electronics Test.

When the Carriage Assembly, Refill Assembly or the Electronics Assembly is ordered, a Refill Calibration Tool, a special Carriage height gauge and an Instructions flyer will be included. System Error: 010121 - Switch the printer OFF and ON again. M ai ntenance 5-18 C10. Move the printer to a location where there is less light directly above the printer.

If "C0800 Done" - Calibration done. weblink I'm not sure I know what all that means. top System error 010023 Explanation A fuse on the main PCA has blown. Open the top cover.

Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable for errors contained herein or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of this material. Using this procedure you will be able to determine exactly which component failed. Product functionality cannot be guaranteed with 3rd party RAM SIMMs. • If more than one RAM SIMM (memory module) is installed, remove one of them and power on the printer again. navigate here If this problem occurs, turn the printer off.

Recommended Action Turn the printer off, then on. The actual number of prints between refills depends on the size and type of i mages you are pri nti ng. If the error reappears, contact HP support .

Clean the Mark Encoder on the Driver Roller.

How Do I Troubleshoot the Ink System? 1 If the error message "Ink system Incomplt " appears on the front-panel it means that the ink cartridge valve has been disconnected, so: RIP's may have disabled this feature, or enabled it at a different ink level. 2 Slightly more useable ink for Imaging printheads. Check if the cable for the Media Sensor is connected correctly. The refill station can be adjusted to accommodate the change in Printhead Height.

Check that the Refill stepper motor is NOT shorted. Replace the Trailing Cable. Once the message Status/Ready is displayed on the front panel, press Enter. his comment is here Pro Slate 12) OR Browse all HP products Please wait while we process your request.

The I mage Quality Print will help you differentiate between possible printhead errors and other problems such as incorrect front-panel selection, driver or Rl P configuration or mechanical problems. r*H ■ i" ' / f the EER OM is cleared, the counters will be reset to zero. HP DesignJet 2500CP only System Error: 08xxxx — PostScript Error. Printer does not Power ON Check that the power cord is connected correctly.

If error code continues, replace Electronics Module. Corrective Action: Replace the Electronics Module t page 8-6. I f the E r ror i s rel ated to the Servi ce Stati on Stepper Motors then replace the Service Station Assembly t Page 8-26. F ront Panel 4-17 D08.

Before spendi ng ti me troubl eshooti ng the probl em by doi ng the various tests or replacing parts (which may not need replacing), check which firmware revision the printer Line Sensor Purpose - Test the Line Sensor. If the flag with two slots is used, the bottom slot must be used when being attached. Therefore, all information applicable to the DesignJ ets 2000CP/3000CP will also be applicable to DesignJ ets 2800CP/3800CP.

Your cache administrator is webmaster. X -» Electronics signal failed (ignore other values). All rights are reserved. No part of this document may be photocopied, reproduced, or translated into another language without the prior written consent of Hewlett- Packard Company.

Which Firmware relates to which I nk system? If the error reappears, contact HP support .