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Hp Lto Ultrium 3 Error Codes


NOTE: For an online troubleshooting tool, go to www.hp.com/support/MSLG3Tstree . In the event of a severe mechanical problem or if circumstances requires removing tape cartridges, perform the following: If the operator control panel or the remote management interface is still operational: Your cache administrator is webmaster. Do not degauss Ultrium cartridges! http://upintheaether.com/error-code/ibm-ultrium-hh5-error-codes.php

Ensure that the device is either mounted in a rack with its rack kit or in a tabletop conversion cover. The disadvantage is that backup and restore operations work on an entire disk, partition, or LUN. top File-by-file with a native application Performance impact: POOR. If the problem continues, contact HP customer support. http://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/STCMML8/com.ibm.storage.ts3500.doc/opg_3584_a69m4bfs0.html

Ibm Tape Drive Error Codes

Use the magazine removal process to release the magazine and remove it from the device. Make sure the outlet has power. Any cartridge that is suspected of being defective or contaminated should NOT be reused in any drive.

View detailed configuration, identification, inventory, and drive information for the device. When fully used, an Ultra 320 SCSI connection can provide enough bandwidth for the following number of tape drives, assuming 2:1 compression: LTO-2: 2 LTO-3, LTO-4: 1 Ultra 320 is an CAUTION: Shipping Lock: The shipping lock must be removed for the robotics to work properly. The reader can usually identify a properly-labeled cartridge the first time, while determining that an unlabeled cartridge is in a storage slot can take four times as long.

The device must be supported under both of its side edges or the bottom can bow and impede robotic movement. Ibm Lto 5 Tape Drive Error Code 6 Upgrade the Autoloader firmware to the latest release. The event ID is the number on the header line, 0x006E in this example. http://h20564.www2.hpe.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c00821126 Do not backup when the database is in heavy use.

If the application software or operating system does not communicate with the device after installation, determine the extent of the detection problem. If there is a combination of LVD and SE devices on the bus, the maximum cable length reverts to the SE specification, which for Ultra devices is 10 feet (3 meters) top top Error codes If an error occurs during operation of the device, the device stops the current operation and displays an error code on the LCD screen. If you are concerned about viruses and backup performance, perform a virus scan before starting the backup, and shut down the anti-virus software while the backup is running.

Ibm Lto 5 Tape Drive Error Code 6

If the RMI web page does not display, ping the device’s IP address. Server or workstation with a single disk (spindle) POOR. Ibm Tape Drive Error Codes top top Connection from the host server to the Autoloader For the best performance, the connection from the host server to the Autoloader must have enough bandwidth to provide enough data Check the software provider’s website for the latest drivers and patches.

NOTE: Many backup applications use their own drivers. weblink The process of backing up files goes through many devices, from the files in the file system on the disk, through the backup server, and out to the Autoloader, all managed Upgrade to Gigabit Ethernet or Fibre Channel. Device Driver Installation: Make sure that the proper device driver, if applicable, is installed for the device.

Check your software provider's website for the latest drivers and patches. Please try the request again. Drive has rejected the cartridge as invalid. navigate here Thank you!

Verify that the cartridge is a firmware upgrade cartridge, not a data or cleaning cartridge. Figure 3: Releasing the magazine 1 - Pushing a paper clip into the access hole 2 - Pulling the magazine out of the front of the unit Repeat Step 4 for To download a support ticket from the device, do one of the following: From the RMI Support > Support ticket screen, click Download.

Pay particular attention to any steps describing configuration settings.

Replace the magazines. To terminate the second SCSI port on the device, locate the terminator in the accessories package and press it firmly into either of the two SCSI connectors on the back panel. A single disk cannot retrieve or write data fast enough for any of the supported tape drives. The more time the disks are seeking to files, the lower the performance.

Discard any tape cartridge found to have issues. Retry the operation with a different, known good tape. Depending on other devices attached to the same SCSI bus and their SCSI IDs, the SCSI ID will need to be changed before using the device. his comment is here The device automatically unloads incompatible cartridges, the Attention LED flashes, and an exclamation point (!) displays in the inventory display for the indicated slot number.

A cleaning cartridge is good for 50 cleans. Exchange the cleaning tape. 63 Invalid cartridge. RAID uses a group of disks to improve performance, and in the case of RAID 5, provides some parity protection in case one of the drives fail. An Ultra 160 connection is barely adequate for an Ultrium 1760 tape drive.

You might not be able to backup a subset of files or restore a single file. Make sure that the cartridge is compatible with the drive. Backup server requirements Tape drive Minimum RAM/drive Processor power/drive LTO-2 512 MB 1 GHz LTO-3, LTO-4 1 GB 2 GHz In addition to having enough RAM and processing power, ensure that The Current command provides information for factory use only.

top Media Once the data gets to the tape drive, it must be written onto the tape. The bar code reader might not be able to read other labels. File-by-file backup with a full-featured backup application can be fast enough if the average file size is at least 64 k and there are not too many fragmented files. SCSI device not detected Problem Solution Device not detected Check that the HBA supports multiple LUNs and this feature is enabled.

During the inventory process, the bar code reader attempts to read the bar code on the cartridge or the bar code on the back of the storage slot until it identifies Make sure the power button on the front panel has been pressed, and the green READY LED is lit. Some backup software packages require an additional module to communicate with the robotics. Use a dedicated disk array or upgrade to RAID 5.

Compatibility: Ensure that the device is compatible with the SCSI host adapter and backup application being planned to use.