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Hp Laserjet Iiip Error Messages


Can also be caused by a defective DC controller. If you don't hear the motor at all, usually accompanied by an error 52 indication, the scanner motor is defective. Replace if defective An abnormal connection break may have occurred during data transfer - Press Continue or Go to clear this error message. Reseat DIMM, then Formatter - Replace or flash DIMM then formatter Back back to top How did we do? this contact form

Bad Fuser Safety PCA. (P/N RG1-0208-030.) Note 2686A/D: Short resistor R250 on the DC Controller to bypass error 50 time delay. NOTE: HP no longer offers added memory for HP LaserJet, HP LaserJet Plus, HP LaserJet 500 Plus, HP LaserJet Series II, or HP LaserJet IID printers.

Message: 20 Mem Overflow HP PC =Paper Cassette. Verify stable power >110V AC (If fuser is replaced and printer is powered up without a 20 minute wait the error code 50 will be redisplayed) 2686A/A Bad 47ohm resistor on http://www.all-laser.com/aerror-code/

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Do not refill the tray until the printer display prompts for more paper. Replace Laser/Scanner Assembly. 3. Back back to top How did we do? And remember PrinterSupplies.com for all your copier, fax and printer supply needs. 5L/6L Troubleshooting Information ERROR 11 - Paper Out (MP/PC/UC/LC/EC/LE LOAD) ERROR 12 - Open or No EP Cartridge ERROR

Reseat connectors J002 on the DC Controller and J601 on the LaserDrive PCA. 4. If the error is still present, switch off the printer and remove the SIMM board or type cartridge. Turn the printer off, and then turn the printer on. 2. Hp Printer Error Code List Pdf Be careful with labels, use only labels designed to take the heat generated by the fuser assembly.

Message: 53-X Errorunit HP LaserJet III, IIID Printers 53-1 Error unit 53-2 Error unit HP LaserJet III, IIID Printers An error was detected on the optional memory board in the indicated Hp Laptop Error Codes With the HP LaserJet 4, 4M, 4Plus, 4MPlus Printers this error most commonly occurs when the paper size knob on the 250 or 500 sheet universal cassette does not match the Out of spec media. 3. If not, you have the older style filter which requires removal of the top cover to replace the filter.

Replace the toner cartridge. Hp Error Code Oxc4eb827f Bad Paper Input sensor (PS1). 2. In very rare instances, the laser diode itself will be the cause of failure, usually resulting in an error 51. Replace High-Voltage Power Supply. 20 ERROR/MEM OVERFLOW/INSUFFICIENT MEMORY 1.

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The serial and Bi-Tronics parallel ports will continue to operate normally. Replace if necessary. Hp Printer Error Codes List If it spins up noisily or erratically or doesn't spin up at all, then it's a bad scanner motor. Hp Computer Error Codes Replace fuser. 2.

II, III Replace cable from DC Controller PCB to HV power supply. weblink Replace same Display is all block characters All printers Display cable is bad or disconnected or not connected properly Bad control panel Bad formatter PCB FS Disk Failure 4V Printer detected If it receives a job for an uninstalled personality (such as PostScript) or requires more memory than is available, the job is aborted. Configure is properly. Hp Inkjet Printer Error Codes

Remember the original HP Laserjet has only 128K of memory available, the LJ+ has only 512K and neither one is really upgradeable. Message: W8 Job 600/Off, HP LASERJET 4, 4M, 4SI, 4P Printer W8 Job 600/Off HP LaserJet 4, 4M, 4Si, 4P printer The job was printed at 600 dpi with page protection You can reseat the connectors to the scanner assembly and the control board. navigate here If the error persists, it could indicate an issue with the scanning assembly.

Cleaning may work for the short term but will not solve this problem. Hp Printer Error Code 79 If dense media is being used, decrease the number of pages loaded in the MP tray or lower cassette. Many times, although not resulting in an error 50, the upper fuser roller simply becomes worn, the teflon coating begins peeling and a vertical line(s) can result on the printed page.

To observe the lamp, you must first remove the fuser assembly from the printer.

ROM size 6 = Invalid SIMM speed 7 = SIMM reporting info incorrectly. 8 = SIMM RAM parity error 9 = SIMM ROM needs mapped to an unsupported address. 10 = Replace PS1 if defective. Verify that the correct revision level of memory is installed in the printer.. Hp Printer Error Code 0x610000f6 Be careful with labels, use only labels designed to take the heat generated by the fuser assembly.

Message: 21 Print overrun HP LaserJet IIIP, III, IIID, IIISI, 4, 4M, 4Plus, 4MPLus, 4Si, 4Si MX, 4P, 4mp Printers 21 Print Overrun HP LaserJet IIIP, III, IIID, IIISI, 4, 4M, Replace PostScript ROMs. If the problem persists, contact the vendor from whom the card was purchased. 43 Opt InterfaceIII, IIIDA communications issue has occurred between the printer and a card installed in the printer's his comment is here Inspect Fiber-Optic Cable between Laser/Scanning Assembly and DC Controller. 3.

Back back to top How did we do? This condition will only worsen until the error 50 is constant. Press the spring contacts and listen for the micro switches.