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Static file If your file is static (e.g. Hold on! As a result, that URL may be crawled and its content indexed. When to redirect Most people's first instinct upon seeing a 404 error is to consider a redirect. check over here

WordPress is a content management system that processes its own internal rewrite array as a part of its permalinks feature. Home About Us Blog Contact Us Login Synthesis BlogManaged WordPress HostingFeatures Case Studies Plans & Pricing FAQ Site Sensor How To Troubleshoot and If it never existed, don't sweat it. Firstly, a page like this (called a "soft" 404) tells search engines that there’s a real page at that URL.

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Why? Because of the time Googlebot spends on non-existent pages, your unique URLs may not be discovered as quickly or visited as frequently and your site’s crawl coverage may be impacted (also, Via Google Webmaster Tools: Returning a code other than 404 or 410 for a non-existent page (or redirecting users to another page, such as the homepage, instead of returning a 404) The first step to troubleshooting 404s is to figure out whether the 404 is being caused by the web server or by WordPress.

This post will help you decide if action needs to be taken and what action you should take. Redirecting any and all 404 errors can actually be bad for your search engine results. a jpg image) open your FTP client and verify that the file exists. Error 404 Spotify The first thing to ask yourself is: did this content ever exist?

As an example, l Error 404 Meme As mentioned above "Redirecting any and all 404 errors can actually be bad for your search engine results." Troubleshooting WordPress sites can complicate the 404 troubleshooting process. If it did, and you have changed your domain or URL structure, you will want to implement redirect(s) to send users and search engines to the right place. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_404