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Run the command again and it should work. up down 0 stpetersn at Hotmail dot com ¶4 years ago I used Windows 2003 Server, IIS 6.0, MS SQL Server But, E:///.[html] works). Should a spacecraft be launched towards the East? Check out. 2.

Table of ContentsBuilding and Running ASP.NET ApplicationsVideoUsing ASP.NET Forms AuthenticationArticleASP.NET Integration with IIS 7ArticleHow to Take Advantage of the IIS 7.0 Integrated PipelineArticleHow to Capture ASP.NET Page Trace Events in IIS Everything works like a charm! But, I have the identical problem in FF so I don't think this is a browser issue. How does a migratory species farm? try here

500 Internal Server Error Iis

Select the "Directory Security" tab in the "WWW Service Master Properties" window, click on the upper button marked "Edit". My advice is to select all boxes excluding "Process accounting" on the "Extended Properties" tab. Now, with such an "over-hardened" dedicated partition you have a certain margin for loosening restrictions on any other directory, that from time to time may share the disk with WWW sites

  1. If you are the system administrator please click here to find out more about this error.
  2. Here is what it said: ------------------ The server failed to load application '/LM/W3SVC/1/Root'.
  3. This error does not happen when PHP 5.3 is installed by Web Platform Installer or if you already have URL Rewrite module installed.

    To fix the error download and install
  4. Restarted my machine many times.
  5. From the context menu select "Add a new Web service extension..."

    In the New Web Service Extension dialog:

    Extension name: PHP

  6. The Front Page 2000 server extensions are installed also.
  7. If you want to have your server accessible from trusted sites only, take advantage of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution.
  8. Make sure that the value specified for FastCGI InstanceMaxRequests setting is less than or equal to the value specified for PHP_FCGI_MAX_REQUESTS.

Your FTP 'site' has to be accessible from a trusted network only! For whatever reason I could not get the 2012 Native CLient to install on the OS even though it appeared MS's website said it should be able to.

So Right click Default Web Site, click on Properties go to Documents tab and check if there is iisstart.asp listed. Default Website In Iis Is Missing It was // only...

Network Security Tools Network Access Control Network Auditing Patch Management Security Scanners VPNs Web Application Security Web Content Security TechGenix Ltd is an online media company which sets the standard for 500 Internal Server Error Youtube First is to go here: http://support.microsoft.com/?id=301919 The beginning of the page looks good. Other IIS components that may deserve further attention are as follows: File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Server - included in the system provides support for an FTP account. Please list out all the steps for viewing asp or html pages from Virtual directory.

Rick... 500 Internal Server Error Php SMTP Service - the email server. E:/WebFiles will be the home directory of the FTP 'site'. Example #6 Changing the location of php.ini file cscript %windir%\system32\inetsrv\fcgiconfig.js -set -section:"PHP" ^ -EnvironmentVars:PHPRC:"C:\Some\Directory\" add a note User Contributed Notes 13 notes up down 5 renigade1 at can-d dot net ¶3

500 Internal Server Error Youtube

While setting up a virtual FTP server you should choose this IP address. https://www.iis.net/learn/application-frameworks/running-classic-asp-applications-on-iis-7-and-iis-8/classic-asp-script-error-messages-no-longer-shown-in-web-browser-by-default The system i use at work is Windows XP SP2, that has an IIS Management console. 500 Internal Server Error Iis You can customize the ASP script error message, and also determine whether to return the script errors to a Web browser. 500 Internal Server Error Wordpress However, an experienced system administrator would know the old German saying, "once lost, confidence does not easily return" - particularly when the ism.dll application had "lost confidence" with its record-breaking negative

He was a member of WinSecurity Magazine's editorial board where he was chief editor of the Microsoft Knowledge Base pages. The folder exists. Right-click {C:\php} (or your PHP installation root) and select {Properties}
2. Tips Website take a lot of bandwidth so please notice that it will most likely not be fast if you are at home. 500 Internal Server Error Iis7

Your Permissions may be wrong. Making a change to this folder has been suggested by some of the sites I have visited. Shimonski Can Service Pack 2 Make Windows XP Less Secure? 14 April 2005 Brien Posey What’s New in Windows 2003 Server: IIS Security Enhancements 15 July 2003 Deb Shinder Troubleshooting Kerberos Open up your favorite browser and type into the Location Bar: http:// localIPaddress:port/virtualdirectory/ or type in : http:// computername:port/virtualdirectory/ (if you did not change the port from port 80 then type in:

share|improve this answer answered Jul 30 '15 at 14:35 Armand G. 16915 add a comment| protected by Community♦ Nov 12 '14 at 2:08 Thank you for your interest in this question. 500 Internal Server Error Iis 8 Moreover, given the availability of downloadable patches being of vital importance for web server security, we will deal further with the English Version of Windows 2000 Server. It just refuses to run an ASP page.

This event occured when I clicked on the Default.aspx link above.

I needed to add the appropriate Web Service Extension DLLs to the WebService Extension list for ASP.NET 2.0 and 4.0. Don't give full permissions because you don't want other people viewing your directories or infecting you with viruses. The next thing to do is associated with the well-known "Internet Services Manager" program: run it and halt the default web site selecting the "Stop" option in the popup menu - 500 Internal Server Error Fix I disabled my firewall and tried the page in IE and FF.

In addition, don't forget to register so that you will automatically receive Microsoft security bulletins [7]. In the "Internet Services Manager" application, click on "Default FTP Site" and select Properties from the popup menu. Indeed, the ease of installation can further tempt users to overlook careful planning, adequate fundamental security measures or patching holes when they emerge. Same result for all. (I added spaces because new users can't post links) I did something regarding IWAM but it didn't work and have forgotten what I did exactly.

i am able to create a virtual directory. Before attempting to change settings, ensure that you make a backup copy of the metabase (i.e. I can clearly see that IIS is responding normally, by browsing directly to my server's IP address. Some applications require Default Web Site to have the ID 1.

To achieve this objective you should use the other Ethernet card installed in the server or the firmware VPN (or an IPsec tunnel) - it is important that the card's IP Network Security & Information Security resource for IT administrators By subscribing to our newsletters you agree to the terms of our privacy policy Featured Product WindowSecurity.com Sections Articles & Tutorials Blogs You should create new virtual directory. So, I figure since the instruction is to delete them, not having them is the same thing right?

You will see the user authentication access mode window - delete all options except for the highest one ("Anonymous access"). For more information about UAC, see the following documentation: User Account Control Customizing Classic ASP Error Messages The configuration settings that you use to customize these settings are in the following This is a Windows Add-on available in Windows XP Pro or Windows XP Media Center editions of Windows XP. However, if you have disabled the start-up type for this service, the service will fail to start.

Pressing the "Properties" button can modify both the file rollover period (preferably leave "Daily") and the location of the log directory. The "Application Configuration" window will appear, it allows you to set up dynamic WWW pages that are files with specific extensions. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Recreate the default website in IIS up vote 40 down vote favorite 7 I've accidentally deleted the default website in IIS; It Click next.

file localstart.asp file) and click OK again.